Second Teaser Image For Fortnite Season 10 Revealed


Fortnite Season 9 is inching ever-closer to its departure date and we all know what that means. Sweeping changes to Battle Island are once more on the horizon and Season 10 is little more than a handful of days away. Epic has yet to provide a concrete launch window for the double-digit changeover, though it needn’t bother. Should the studio follow its tried and tested patch cycle, August 1st is the date that thrill-seekers will want to circle on their calendars.

Given its tantalizingly close proximity, Epic wasted no time in presenting the first (of many) teaser for what’s to come at last weekend’s Fortnite World Cup and we’ve already dissected it to death over here. To cut a long story short, it appears all but confirmed that fan favourite location Dusty Divot is pegged to make its grand reentrance as part of Season 10, but that’s not all.

Today marks the arrival of a second teaser image, and you can check it out down below:

It doesn’t take a robotics expert to discern exactly what that silhouette belongs to now, does it? Whether this futuristic machination is intended to be a new pilotable vehicle or something else entirely remains to be seen, though it’s worth making note of the image’s accompanying caption: “Look forward.”

What does that mean? Your guess is as good as ours, though it certainly opens up some exciting potential when paired with last week’s teaser. The latter, which depicted Dusty Divot, was Tweeted alongside the words “Think back,” heavily hinting at some sort of time travel theme. With Epic’s recent penchant for unvaulting several long-forgotten weapons, could Season 10 end up being the ultimate mash-up of past, present and future? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Either way, there are exciting times ahead, for Fortnite fans. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s inevitable follow-up.