Fortnite Season 8 Lets Players Complete Challenges With Friends


As Fortnite players dive into the brand new season, they’ll discover several changes to the map which bring with them lava-filled locations as well as pirate and ninja-themed skins, which are all part of the Season 8 Battle Pass.

Like others before it, Season 8 provides weekly challenges which are tasks to complete in-game and range from dealing damage with a certain type of weapon to locating a hidden secret around the map. Some of these are more difficult than others and they can play to different people’s strengths. Completing each set of challenges every week might be a bit of a chore, sure, but they’re a good source of XP for leveling up and help you achieve higher tiers of the Battle Pass.

You don’t have to go at it alone, either. To help knock off some of the tougher challenges each week, Season 8 also brings with it the Party Assist feature. This allows players to complete daily or weekly challenges with the help of friends. By turning on Party Assist, credit will be given when anyone on the squad completes the challenge, and progress will also be counted from each player.

We should note though that Party Assist can be turned on for only one challenge at a time and it must be shared before the match starts. Furthermore, progress will only be tracked from those within the group and won’t include any teammates that were filled during matchmaking. Still, this new addition will make challenges just a little easier to get through, all the while encouraging even more teamwork. For instance, maybe one squadmate’s particularly good at getting shotgun kills and they can now utilize their strength to help the rest of the team.

The Party Assist feature, in addition to a new Apex Legends-style ping system and a potential respawning mechanic, shows that Fortnite‘s not yet ready to be dethroned. After revenue from the game dropped nearly 50 percent in January, Epic’s looking to make a comeback and already, Season 8’s shaping up to be a strong showing of new mechanics, weapons, skins and map changes to keep players coming back. And this is only just the beginning.