Fortnite Season 8 Week 4 Challenges Have Leaked


Besides consistently achieving a top finish on the leaderboards, there’s usually but one thing on the mind of any seasoned Fortnite regular: what trials will next week’s challenges bring? As of now, we’re currently in Week 3 of the battle royale title’s eighth season but for those hoping to hit the upper tiers of the current Battle Pass, there’s still a long grind ahead.

Season 8’s Week 4 challenges aren’t due to go live until later this week but as usual, the entire list of activities Epic has in store for players has leaked online ahead of schedule. There’s little to fret over this time around in terms of difficulty, as most objectives include destroying random types of terrain and visiting locations, but there is one that’ll likely serve as a roadblock for many. See if you can spot the tricky customer in the full list below.

  • Deal damage to opponents while riding a vehicle
  • Destroy objects (trees, rocks and cars)
  • Legendary Weapon Eliminations
  • Search Chests at Polar Peak or Tomato Temple
  • Search between three ski lodges
  • Land Locations (Tilted Towers, Junk Junction, Retail Row, Happy Hamlet and Pleasant Park)
  • Ring a doorbell in different named locations in a single match

Given the random nature of Fortnite‘s loot system, getting hold of Legendary-tier gear at the best of times can be an absolute nightmare, to say the least. That you’ll then be required to get a series of eliminations with the rare loot is a deceptively difficult requirement, but there are some additional methods out there you can exploit to up your fortunes.

Added earlier this season, treasure maps, when found, will always yield Legendary gear, so if you’re struggling to find anything but common gear in random chests, getting hold of a map might be your best bet. That aside, the remainder of Week 4 looks to be smooth sailing, though as always, hold off on considering the above to be official – Epic could change the list prior to the start date.

If you’ve found yourself trailing behind with Fortnite Season 8’s weekly round of challenges and need a helping hand, fear not. You can find a handy cheat sheet for the current week right here.

Source: Game Rant

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