Here’s Where To Find The Hidden Battle Star In Fortnite Season 8 Week 3


The third round of challenges for Fortnite Season 8 is yet to go live in-game, but that hasn’t stopped eagle-eyed players from preemptively searching for those lucrative Battle Stars. As always, one of the tasks included in the upcoming refresh belongs in the discovery category, meaning you’ll be encouraged to nurture your own investigative skills in order to get the job done. If scouring the map for clues isn’t your idea of fun, however, the folks over at Fortnite Insider have already followed the breadcrumb trail and discovered where the Battle Star will be hiding once Week 3 commences.

Epic, it seems, has had a bit of fun with the treasure hunt this time around, having hidden the Star’s location within a loading screen. What appears to be a crude diagram drawn in chalk can be seen on one of the walls in the image’s background, correlating to a location on Battle Island. You’ll want to take a diversion over towards the east side of the map and look for a well-hidden Aztecian shrine between Sunny Steps and Lonely Lodge.

See the gallery below for a visual guide on where to go:

This isn’t the first instance of upcoming seasonal challenges being discovered ahead of time. Earlier this month, fans over on Reddit discovered more far-flung segments of Season 8’s future challenges, giving completionists a hearty heads-up in regards to the tasks Epic has cooked-up for Battle Island regulars. Weapon-specific eliminations, doorbell ringing shenanigans and straight up vehicular warfare are just some of the upcoming activities to look forward too, assuming the leaks are accurate.

But circling back to the present, if you’ve been a latecomer to Fortnite Season 8 and find yourself facing a mountainous list of objectives from prior weeks to complete, fear not – you can find handy cheat sheets for Weeks 1 and 2 by clicking on the appropriate links.