Here’s Your Cheat Sheet For Fortnite Season 8 Week 3 Challenges


Bang on time, as always, the latest round of weekly challenges for Fortnite Season 8 have gone live for all players. This time around, however, you’ll be required to sink some serious hours into the battle royale title to get 100% completion in a timely manner.

As far as premium challenges included with the Battle Pass are concerned, Epic is upping the ante for Week 3, with one task requiring some deft gun skill on the player’s behalf. Dishing out a total of 500 damage to opponents through headshots is going to make competition for precision weapons fierce, especially sniper rifles, as scoring an elimination with one is a separate challenge.

Fortunately for those of us whose twitch reflexes aren’t so hot, the remaining challenges should be a breeze. Searching for treasure in specific locations, vandalizing cacti in the desert and visiting pairs of locations in a single match is the order of the day this time around, tips and tricks for which you can find in the visual guide below, courtesy of Fortnite Insider.

Before you take off to get your glider primed and ready for a return to Battle Island, there is one remaining outlier you should be aware of. This week’s discovery challenge asks that you “Search where the magnifying glass sits on the Treasure Map loading screen.” If the cryptic message has already prompted your recollection of a chalk drawing hiding in the background of said loading screen, congratulate yourself – that’s exactly the sort of architecture you should be on the lookout for. Should the crude nature of the drawing be too obscure for your weary eyes, you can head over here for the specifics on where to search for this week’s hidden Battle Star.

And for those still wading through Fortnite Season 8’s Week 2 challenges, see here for the corresponding cheat sheet.