Forza Horizon 3’s Ultimate Edition Is Available Now, Includes Four Days Early Access


Forza Horizon 3 may not be officially due to release for another four days, but Microsoft’s giving fans of its first-party racing series the chance to play it right now by way of the game’s Ultimate Edition. If you absolutely can’t wait to begin your adventures and take on the Horizon Festival right this second, then you’ll probably want to give your nearest retailer a visit within the next few hours so you can be ready for the inevitable weekend binge that follows.

Besides the early access opportunity, the Ultimate Edition also comes packed with additional content, including the Car Pass, VIP membership and the Motorsport All-Stars Car Pack, which in itself gives fans “the chance to take 10 of the hottest modern race cars off the track and out onto the open road.”

Of course, all of the above is moot if the sequel isn’t a worthy successor to Forza Horizon 2. Fortunately, our own Tyler Treese has already put Playground Games’ latest offering through its paces, stating that “Forza Horizon 3 doesn’t bring much new to the table, and it feels like I’ve now played the same game three times over. It’s still good, and fun for newcomers, but it’s definitely at the point of diminishing returns. Throw in a myriad of technical issues and it’s ultimately a disappointing sequel.”

Forza Horizon 3 is the first Xbox One S title to take full advantage of the console’s ability to provide High Dynamic Range, ensuring burning rubber has never looked so good. “Players experience vibrant light and sunbeams from an authentic Australian sky, precision highlighting, glistening sand, detailed dirt and vegetation,” says Turn 10’s Brian Ekberg.

The full release of Forza Horizon 3 will be followed by $34.99 Expansion Pass, which includes two separate add-ons. Those that purchase the Ultimate Edition will get a $10 discount if they purchase before the end of 2016.