Forza Motorsport 5 Brings Smoking Tires To The Xbox One

forza 5 abarth ss

Forza Motorsport 5 has unveiled the Smoking Tires Pack, which adds ten sports cars to the game’s roster. Set to be released today, February 4th, the pack has the usual mix of modern and classic cars with the stylish 2013 Abarth Punto Supersport leading the way.

Equally as stylish as the Abarth is the 2011 Ferrari FF and the 2004 Maserati MC12 – the latter boasting real-life race winning credentials. The pack also adds a nostalgic item for car fans in the 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ram Air, the final Firebird ever made by Pontiac.

Making up the rest of the pack is: the 2000 BMW Z8, the 1994 Nissan Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo, the 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, the 1966 Chevrolet Nova SS, the 1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185, and the 1995 Audi RS 2 Avant. More details on each individual car can be found on Forza’s official site. Once downloaded, all are available to buy with either credits or car tokens. The pack is included in the Forza Motorsport 5 Season Pass or can be downloaded separately, retailing at $10.

The Smoking Tires pack is the third post-launch content release for Forza Motorsport 5 so far, following the game’s troubled launch on Xbox One. Fans were unhappy with the smaller pool of content available in the title compared to previous releases, and the in-game economy seemed to force players to part with real money to acquire the cars they wanted.

Turn 10 have since made balancing changes to the game, like increasing the credits received for winning races, but some may consider it too little, too late for one of Microsoft’s key franchises.

Tell us, are you still playing Forza Motorsport 5, or did Microsoft’s new micro-transaction heavy input ruin the series for you? Let us know in the comments below.