Four More Mega Stones Now Available For Pokemon Sun And Moon Players

A new event has begun for Pokemon Sun and Moon that allows players to nab themselves four additional shiny Mega Stones previously unavailable on the shores of the Alola Region. Stones that allow Pidgeot, Steelix, Houndoom and Heracross to Mega Evolve are included in the limited-time promotion obtained through the 3DS’ Mystery Gift upon redeeming the special code.

If this is your first time receiving event items through the service, you’ll want to boot up whichever game (Sun or Moon) you own and then select Mystery Gift followed by Receive Gift. Select the Get with Code option and then connect the handheld to the internet, wherein you’ll be prompted to enter a code which, in this instance, is AZUL. Whatever that stands for is anyone’s guess, but upon entering it, you’ll be able to pick up all four Mega Stones in-game via the Pokemon Center deliveryman.

Nintendo has yet to provide an end date for the promotion, so be sure to pick them up at your earliest convenience, lest you miss out on the generous gesture. If that freebie’s not enough to satiate your hunger for free Pokemon goodies, retailer GameStop is currently holding a promotion that adds a level 50 Lycanroc to your collection. Though it ends on June 5, so act fast.

That about wraps it up for Pokemon news today, but big things might be on the horizon for fans of the franchise. According to recent whispers, it’s possible that Game Freak is hard at work on a Pokemon Sun and Moon port for Nintendo Switch. Rebranded as Pokemon Stars, the unconfirmed project, if real, has every chance of making a surprise appearance at this year’s E3 in just a few weeks time. Keep those fingers crossed, Pokefans!

Source: VG247