Fourth Update For Titanfall Is Imminent, Adds Featured Game Mode Option


Respawn’s hyper-kinetic first-person shooter, Titanfall, is set to receive its fourth content update in the coming weeks, the studio has announced.

The rather extensive update is poised to introduce a series of new in-game features, including an all-new multiplayer option entitled ‘Featured Game Mode,’ which will allow Respawn to draft in novel game modes on a regular basis.

First up on this round of rotation is the Marked For Death mode, a style of play that labels one user as the MVP and forces the remainder of the group to protect them at all costs. And though it isn’t clear how long Marked for Death will remain on Respawn’s playlist, the studio hinted that it will be replaced by Wingman Last Titan Standing thereafter.

Elsewhere in the update, players can expect 14 Titan Burn Cards replete with stat-boosting abilities along with Titan Insignias and further enhancements to Titanfall’s overall matchmaking. In terms of firepower, the Titan Plasma Railgun, R97 and the Shotgun are due for a batch of rebalancing, and for the full list of weaponry you can head over to the game’s official blog.

To cap things off, the studio is targeting an array of in-game bugs based on user feedback.

“We’ve done another round of balancing based on feedback we’ve received from inside and outside of the studio. We’ll continue to listen to our community in regards to weapon/game balance and thanks for sharing all of your feedback with us.”

Currently, Titanfall’s fourth update is without a release date, though Respawn confirmed that eager fans can expect that patch to drop “soon.”

Source: Respawn