How To Get Free Bob Ross Lands In Magic: The Gathering Arena

magic the gathering

Magic: The Gathering players with an eye for exceptional art will almost certainly want to take advantage of the CCG’s latest collaborative product.

Following on from leaks earlier this month outing the existence of an upcoming Secret Lair drop featuring the works of Bob Ross, Wizards of the Coast has since outlined how fans can get their hands on the limited edition cards in both digital and physical format. As is to be expected, the latter will be more expensive due to its resale value, and there’ll only be a short period of availability before pre-orders end permanently. That window closes on December 14th, though you needn’t worry about stock running out, as all purchases made prior to the date will be fulfilled.

As for those who prefer to play their card games on a monitor, alternate art Bob Ross lands are being distributed via a number of different methods. The first of these requires a code included with each physical Secret Lair which, when redeemed, will unlock one copy for each of Magic‘s five colors. The alternative option, on the other hand, requires no financial investment of any kind.

In a modest show of generosity, Wizards is giving away the remaining five lands completely free of charge throughout this week, beginning with a white plains. Adding the promo to your account is as simple as opening Arena‘s integrated store and entering ‘DelightfulMeadow’ into the Redeem Code box. Keys for blue, black, green and red Ross lands will be distributed via the same means over the next few days, so make sure to keep an eye out on the company’s socials (link below).

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