Free Expansion Turns Goat Simulator Into A MMO-Styled WoW Clone


With Warlords of Draenor pumping fresh life into Blizzard’s seminal World of Warcraft just this week, Coffee Stain Studios have went one over with plans to introduce an MMO component into their delightfully ludicrous PC title, Goat Simulator — well, sort of. You see, come Thursday, the company will release a free expansion through Steam for the slapstick game that will bring about a MMO simulation “so good you’ll think it’s real.”

Previously confined to a single-player experience with a complimentary co-op mode, Goat Simulator‘s latest patch will introduce players to a fantasy setting wherein sheep and goats are embroiled in war. Taking up arms as either a Warrior, Rouge (yes, that is one of the game’s character classes), or a talking Microwave, users can explore the region and even progress all the way to level 101 in typical RPG fashion.

The expansion will be available free of charge for those who already own the simulator through Steam, though the company didn’t comment on whether the MMO component will make its way to the iOS and Android iterations of the game. Mind you, we wouldn’t hold our breath.

Goat Simulator will break its already bonkers mould and introduce an all-new MMO expansion for free on Thursday, November 20th. To gauge the game’s rather particular brand of chaos, you can check out the official trailer above.

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