New Apex Legends Leaks Tease The Arrival Of Dragons


Apex Legends‘ recurring method of content delivery finally kicked off yesterday. Season 1: Wild Frontier, as well as the battle royale title’s first ever Battle Pass, are now live in-game for all to enjoy following what we’re sure felt like a years-long wait for many, but the drought is, thankfully, now over.

A generous helping of cosmetics, as well as new Legend Octane, round out the majority of Season 1’s offering, though it won’t be via ticking off challenges à la Fortnite that players will be unlocking all the new rewards. Instead, developer Respawn Entertainment has opted to rely on the tried and true experience-based progression system present in other competitors, citing a desire to ease players into the model before upping the ante with subsequent seasons.

In light of the more modest approach, some fans have taken issue with the apparent lack of content accompanying Wild Frontier, though Respawn is promising the tide will turn in future installments. How it plans to do so, we don’t know, but introducing fire-breathing reptiles into the mix would certainly be one way to spice things up, would it not?

It sounds like a far-fetched prospect, no doubt, but as per recent data-mining efforts by Twitter users RealApexLeaks and Apex_Intel, Respawn could be planning just that for Apex Legends‘ future.

The discovered file in question, ‘FlyerSwarm,’ has led many to conclude that the mythical winged reptilians could soon be wreaking havoc on Apex Legends‘ player base, a suspicion that appears to be somewhat supported by a leaked screenshot depicting said creatures. Before folks get ahead of themselves, however, it must be noted that Respawn’s Titanfall 2 featured similar-looking creatures called Flyers, and given that it and Apex Legends share the same universe, this could simply be yet another case of both games sharing some of the same assets.

Whatever the outcome, Respawn has warned fans against reading too much into unconfirmed leaks in the past, so don’t be too surprised if nothing ever comes of the admittedly exciting prospect.

Source: Twitter