Friday The 13th: The Game Headlines October’s Games With Gold

Friday the 13th The Game

If you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber and you’ve been looking for something spooky to play this Halloween, we may have some great news for you. Microsoft has just unveiled their online service’s free titles for the month of October, and one game in particular will likely satiate all you horror fans out there.

That’s right, the asymmetrical hunt-’em-up sensation Friday The 13th: The Game is headlining October’s Xbox Games With Gold. Though it launched back in 2017 to fairly tepid reviews, it’s fair to say developer Illfonic has turned the game around with consistent stability improvements and a ton of free updates that add new content, too.

The main gist of the multiplayer-centric action is that one player takes on the iconic role of the unstoppable killer, Jason Voorhees, while up to seven others step into the shoes of the horny counselors. Essentially, all the counselors must work together as a team to escape from the clutches of the machete-toting maniac. There’s even an “epic win” condition that can defeat Jason, but it’s incredibly tricky to achieve. Put it this way: you’ll likely need some mics and a good team to pull it off, that’s for sure.

Elsewhere, Team Ninja’s grizzly hack-and-slasher Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Game Freak’s side-scrolling platformer Tembo the Badass Elephant and Disney’s superhero dog movie tie-in Bolt also round out the month. Frankly, though, if you asked us for a recommendation, we’d suggest taking a blood-splattered trip back to Camp Crystal Lake in Friday The 13th: The Game. Not only will the servers be buzzing with activity, but it’s also the month of spirits and witches, right? In other words, if you want a good scare, Mr Voorhees has definitely got your back.

Both Friday The 13th: The Game and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge will be available to download for Xbox Live Gold subscribers from October 16th, while Bolt and Tembo are available to download right now.