Engine Upgrade And Dedicated Servers Are On Their Way To Friday The 13th: The Game


To say that Friday The 13th: The Game’s initial release last year was a little rough around the edges, well, that would be a bit of an understatement. At launch, the multiplayer hunt-em-up was riddled with server issues, performance gaffes and frequent stability problems that negatively impacted its initial critical reception. Though the title sold well, many companies would’ve probably taken the money, moved onto another project and never looked back.

Thankfully, developer Illfonic and publisher Gun Media have refused to rest on their laurels. Instead, the team have worked tirelessly since the game’s release to iron out these aforementioned complaints, while listening carefully to community feedback in a bid to bring the horror experience closer in-line with their original blood-soaked vision.

Case in point: In a post today on Friday The 13th: The Game’s forum, Gun Media Community Lead Daniel Nixon outlined what the forthcoming upgrade to a newer version of the Unreal Engine would bring to the asymmetrical multiplayer hide-and-seek simulator.

Firstly, physics will be overhauled and fixes for vehicles, rag dolls, hair and more, will be implemented. Performance across all platforms will be improved, too, along with long-standing bug fixes that will be automatically resolved once the game has been moved across to the new engine.

Also, dedicated servers – a feature that many fans have been clamouring for – will be implemented once the new engine update has been deployed. The estimated arrival of it is, at the earliest, sometime in April, but we’ve got no firm date just yet.

With a new map and killer being added recently, along with a deadlier and more terrifying Jason Voorhees, it’s fantastic seeing the developer continue to support their title while listening to fans and giving them exactly what they want. Hats off to the folks over at Illfonic and Gun Media – keep the updates for Friday the 13th: The Game coming.