From 1995 To 2013: New PlayStation Ad Condenses 18 Years Of Gaming History


Sony has unveiled a new promotional advert which charts the PlayStation heritage across the company’s four home consoles. The brief video, which is set primarily in the UK, was inspired by the recent PlayStation Memories Twitter campaign; which invited gamers to reminisce about all-things-Sony in the build up to the PS4’s release next month. Released via the PlayStation Access YouTube channel, you can check out the video for yourself below.

Stepped in nostalgia, the video is essentially a greatest hits montage of the PlayStation console throughout its four iterations. From the novel PlayStation One to a pre-emptive look at the PlayStation 4, Sony’s latest ad charts the progression of the brand since its inception back in 1995; a time when it bolstered its way between the Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn to carve out a new era in gaming.

As the video shifts from one generation to the next, the group of British gamers boot up their existing console to enjoy the latest title – be it Tekken or Killzone: Shadow Fall. Ultimately, Sony presents the evolution of its gaming experience; from the days of tangled wires and memory cards all the way up to the sleek and seamless interface that the PlayStation 4 promises.

In tandem with the advertisement, the company is also running a competition that invites eagle-eyed viewers to spot the order in which the PlayStation symbols appear to be in with the chance to win a PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 will debut in North America and Europe on November 15th and November 29th, respectively. Until then, though, be sure to drop your own, nostalgic PlayStation memory in the comments below.