Frontier’s Edge DLC For Titanfall To Launch On July 31

titanfall frontiers edge

The update train for Titanfall rolls on, as Respawn Entertainment and EA announced that the next DLC for the shooter, Frontier’s Edge, will launch on July 31. The news was revealed by Respawn on a Twitch livestream of the content earlier this week.

The second of three content packs, Frontier’s Edge will introduce three exciting new maps for Titanfall. “Haven” will feature soldiers and Titans battling it out on a sunny beach resort, while “Export” brings the action to a mining hub fixed into the side of a mountain and “Dig Site” features an abandoned mining outpost for carnage to unfold upon. Besides the fact that two of the maps take place in mining areas, that’s a pretty interesting variety of locations.

The release of Frontier’s Edge is set to coincide with the latest update for Titanfall, which was announced last week. That update will introduce the Black Market feature, which will allow players to purchase Burn Card packs via in-game currency. However, said currency can only be acquired by playing the game, as Respawn has ruled out using microtransactions, much to the chagrin of EA I’m assuming.

Frontier’s Edge will be available for $9.99 when it launches later this week. The DLC can also be obtained by purchasing the Season Pass for Titanfall, which carries a cost of $25. The Season Pass not only includes Frontier’s Edge, but also the previously released Expedition, as well as a third, unannounced DLC set for release in the future.

Source: Joystiq