More Gameplay Details Revealed In New Trailer For Tom Clancy’s The Division


“If there’s any chance of putting the pieces of our city back together, then this is all up to you.” That’s the tease that Tom Clancy’s The Division gives to players in its new ‘Agent Journey’ trailer. The new footage blends cinematic finesse with gameplay action to demonstrate even more of what you can expect once the game releases in March.

So, if you weren’t excited about anything you’ve seen of The Division before now, then it’s likely you will be after checking out the brand new clip above. The voiceover re-introduces the basic premise of the narrative at the beginning, before going on to explain just how important all of the regularly touted features will be in helping you truly get to grips with the experience.

From character progression to neat, intricate teamwork, everything we’ve been told will be important in The Division absolutely seems like it will be. New footage of multiplayer teams engaged in perilous firefights with better-armed enemies or aggressive psychopaths adds a new layer of intensity to what we’ll get to experience.

Add to this the extra look at the seedy underbelly and mysterious ‘D Zone’, and it becomes clearer than ever that The Division will be telling a pretty grim tale. It’s not without its highlights, of course, and the social aspect of its teamwork is re-highlighted here to show that perhaps you can win this fight after all.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is finally set for release on March 8th after several delays, and will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Ubisoft

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