Gameplay Trailer For Fate/Extella Revealed


After months of teasing, developer Marvelous has finally revealed a gameplay trailer that emphasizes the stylized action fans can expect to encounter in Fate/Extella.

Like other mosou-esque titles (e.g. Dynasty Warriors, Hyrule Warriors) players will square off against hundreds of enemies simultaneously. In addition to showing off some of the game’s characters and their combo strings that—per the series usual—utilize both strong and weak attacks, the above, soundless, trailer also provides series faithfuls with a look at the once speculated special moves. Coined “Extella Maneuver,” Extella’s special attacks are performed by consuming meter. Naturally, the amount of catastrophic damage done is proportional to the amount of meter used.

Fans of Warriors games will feel right at home here. In order to win a key, or, “Regime Matrix,” players will fight against waves of enemies as they attempt to take over bases aptly named Sectors. However, if the enemy forces take over your Sector or your already captured Sectors, they will in turn earn a Matrix. The side that first reaches fifteen keys is the winner. Once enough keys have been acquired, a powerful boss will appear. Players must beat this boss in order to advance onto the next area.

Fate/Extella will launch in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. While there is no word yet on a Western release, given the heightened interest in the Fate franchise, Marvelous’ track record and rumors of an XSeed localization, fans should remain hopeful.

Source: Siliconera