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Gamers shocked that knockoff console comes packed with sexist and racist content

Parents are shocked at what they're finding on the console.

What is it like to buy a 5 year old a gaming console to find out that it is loaded with racist and sexual content? Some parents are discovering just that after buying a Super Nintendo knockoff called the Super Mini SN-02!

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Parents have to look closely at the kinds of toys they are getting their kids these days. Some parents bought the Super Mini SN-02 thinking it was the Super Nintendo. They look exactly the same. It has very similar packaging, and when it is taken out of the box, it looks just like the original game console. When it’s turned on, at first, it looks like the games kids played back in the ’90s with a Mario-looking race game and a Mike Tyson-looking boxing match. Plus, a $50 console sounds a lot better to a parent’s wallet than $150.

Why wouldn’t a parent want that for their children who is just learning gaming and hasn’t had a chance to step up to the big leagues yet? Anyone would, but it’s a worse deal than it seems. Parents are speaking out and making sure others know to be very aware of what they are buying their kids.

Who needs a naked Mowgli running around a Jungle Bookish forest? Who needs to know the email account of the programmer while playing a game with a sexually explicit Ronald McDonald lookalike? The answer is no one.

Nintendo is not associated with Super Mini SN-02 in any way. Amazon and Walmart aren’t associated with the company either, even though they are being sold on both of those websites. However, Amazon and Walmart have a similar seller arrangement where any merchant can sell their merchandise on those sites as long as they follow the very strict seller’s policies.

While Super Mini SN-02 does not follow the seller’s policies on either one of those sites, removing the product is like cutting one head off of a three-headed dragon. Three more pop up in its place as soon as the first one is taken down. The best bet is to make sure the product is the original and stop buying knockoff products.

A parent might have to spend more money, but it’s way better than having to find out the hard way with a company that has a no-return policy.

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Also, this is good to know. Look at the manufacturer on the packaging to file a complaint or do a review online.

Rikiean Whitebird’s review on Amazon: DO NOT GET THIS FOR YOUR CHILDREN. Not only is it a cheap knock off, it has extremely inappropriate games. Quite disappointed.

A verified purchaser on Walmart who goes by SG: “This wasn’t an SNES classic mini like I thought it was was. Yeah it had some good games but 2 games on it had nudity. One was a Mario like game and he was completely nude the other one was an game rom hack of a old NES game called McKids. But the title read as Dick Kids and the 2 kid characters you play as are completely nude. Hence the reason I returned it and giving it a bad review.”

WGTC has reached out to one of the manufacturers for comment.

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