Games With Gold Is Going Big For March & April



This coming March will be a great one for Xbox LIVE members, especially those who own both of Microsoft’s current consoles. Reason being lays within Games with Gold – a once middling promotion that is seemingly going to have a breakout spring.

Earlier today, it was revealed that three big games will become free to Gold members when the calendar turns another page. The impressive list includes:

Xbox 360:

March 1st to March 15th: Tomb Raider

March 16th to March 31st: BioShock Infinite

Xbox One:

March 1st to 31st: Rayman Legends

(Returning for) March 1st to 31st: #IDARB

Not only is next month’s selection undoubtedly going to be Games with Gold’s best yet, but it will also mark its first time giving away a Triple-A retail Xbox One title. On top of that, Microsoft has tipped its hat to reveal the fact that it will be celebrating its promo’s success in April, by offering double the amount of free games that it normally does.

Stay tuned for more information on Games with Gold as it surfaces. For now, though, take a moment to let us know your thoughts via our comments section.

Source: NeoGAF

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