The Gang’s All Here In The Killer Instinct Launch Trailer

killer instinct thunder

With the Xbox One reaching store shelves tomorrow, Microsoft has been pumping out launch trailers at a near record pace. It would only make sense then that the premiere fighter for the system, Killer Instinct, gets a shiny new trailer as well.

In this final preview, we get a glimpse at the characters that will make up the first season of combatants for the title. While we get to see more of Jago, Glacius, Sadira, B. Orchid, Sabrewulf and Thunder, it’s the last two reveals that have fans excited. Skeleton pirate Spinal is shown off and as is the ponytail wielding Fulgore, who was previously rumored to be in the game. Of course, both of those characters won’t be available until 2014.

The trailer also shows off the various costume options that come with the different versions of the title, as well as what comes in the Ultra Edition of the game.

Killer Instinct has been receiving some solid reviews so far (73% on Metacritic), which admittedly, is better than I thought the title would do after it was first announced. Sure, I was looking forward to it due to the fact that I like the franchise, but I basically thought it was just cashing in on the nostalgia of fans. Apparently not though, as Double Helix seems to have crafted a solid fighter that is more or less hampered by its slim character roster.

Killer Instinct is available tomorrow as part of the Xbox One’s launch line-up. We will hopefully have a review of the title up shortly and will continue to have coverage of the game’s DLC too.