Hideo Kojima Ready To Make “Most Ambitious Project Yet,” According To Geoff Keighley


As the founding father of the illustrious Metal Gear series, Hideo Kojima is arguably one of the most prominent and respected developers in the business. It was a reputation honored during last night’s DICE awards, where the ex-Konami employee was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Part of the show also included a storytelling discussion that featured Kojima and cinematic maestro Guillermo del Toro. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, the pair – who were once attached to reboot Silent Hills for Konami – talked through their own inspirations, and hopes for the future.

For Hideo Kojima, that future starts on PlayStation 4, after the Game Director inked a partnership with Sony to ensure that the maiden title released by Kojima Productions would be a PS4 exclusive. And while it’s still a ways away, Keighley had high praise at this early stage.

Blown away by the scale and ambition of what Hideo is planning. He knows no limits. We has such a great talk last night. You are not ready. The crucibles in our lives can make us weaker or stronger – and Hideo is determined to come back with his most ambitious project ever.

I can already see his brain working faster than it ever has. He is hungry to surprise us and emboldened by the freedom. People like Hideo inspire me to think about where this industry can go. He is not thinking small. He will push this medium forward.

With 10 canonical titles and a inimitable legacy to its name, Metal Gear casts an awful long shadow, and it’s unclear whether Hideo Kojima‘s first project post-Konami will boast the same cinematic tendencies as its forebear, or if the director is gunning for something new entirely. Time will tell.

Source: Twitter

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