Ghost Recon Wildlands Season Pass Detailed, Free PvP Multiplayer To Be Added After Launch


With a March 7th due date fast approaching, Ubisoft has outlined its fairly extensive post-launch plans for Ghost Recon Wildlands, including the shooter’s Season Pass and two mainline expansions.

Among the many free updates planned for Wildlands, early adopters can look forward to a free PvP mode that offers tactical class-based 4v4 team combat. There’s also word of seasonal events and community challenges, and if Ubi’s ongoing support of Rainbox Six Siege is any indication, fans needn’t worry about a lack of content when it comes to Ghost Recon‘s first foray into an open world setting. Situated in the lush rolling hills of Bolivia, it’s understood Wildlands touts one of the biggest digital playgrounds that Ubisoft has ever created, and in order to give fans a sneak peek of the shooter’s two major expansions, the mega-publisher posted the following synopsis:

Narco Road

The game’s first major expansion will give you the full spectrum of narco life, as you tear through Bolivia using new vehicles in a series of fast-paced missions. Expect to face the most insane adversaries as you infiltrate three smuggling gangs and take out their leaders one by one until you reach the mastermind: El Invisible. Along with its more eccentric tone, this new adventure will include more than a dozen new missions across four provinces, new vehicles, new weapons skins, and side activities, with everything being entirely playable in solo and in four-player co-op.

Fallen Ghosts

With Fallen Ghosts, get ready for your Spec Ops skills to be put to the test! After your chopper is shot down during an evacuation mission, your squad will be forced to adapt as you are tracked down by Los Extranjeros, an elite group of ruthless mercenaries. Fortunately, new weapons and skills will help you and your friends find the strength to escape!

Season Pass owners will receive one-week early access to both content packs, along with a permanent 5 percent XP boost and various equipment packs. Ubisoft is yet to nail down an official price point for the Ghost Recon Wildlands Season Pass, but it’ll likely fall in the region of $40.

Expect more details regarding that aforementioned PvP mode to be released in the coming weeks, while developer Ubisoft Paris has noted that the day-one patch for Wildlands will zero in on many of the issues raised during the game’s record-breaking beta.

Bolivia beckons, folks! Ghost Recon Wildlands deploys for PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 7th.

Source: Ubisoft