GoldenEye Source Is Finally Complete

That’s right. The Half-Life 2 mod project that started over five years ago to turn the Source engine into an HD PC remake of the most beloved first-person shooter of all time, GoldenEye 64, is finally out of the beta stage and ready for the public to dig into.

It’s only the multiplayer but that’s okay since the memory I’m sure most of us have of the Nintendo 64 classic is sitting in your basement with three other buddies yelling at each other for camping the armor or playing slappers only. Or maybe the ridiculous house rules like no Jaws or Oddjob. Ahh good times.

Best of all, it’s free! DOWNLOAD IT HERE

From their site:

“GoldenEye: Source is a total conversion modification of Half-Life 2. It is a fan made artistic recreation, released for free, with only one goal in mind;  to bring the memories and experiences from the original GoldenEye64 back to life using Source Technology. We want you to look at this mod and remember the first best multiplayer first-person shooter ever made. We are doing our best to bring in the opinions of the community to create a game that everyone is going to enjoy. But, we are not here to recreate the game exactly how it was in GE64, a lot of things have changed since they first designed that game, mainly in technology and gamers experiences. We are here to take the game even further but at the same time provide a lot of those fun elements that hardcore GE64 fans will enjoy. We’ve got experienced team members all across the board, from professional level, to amateurs looking to make it into the business working hard to make this dream a reality.”