A Big Grand Theft Auto 6 Feature May’ve Just Leaked

Grand Theft Auto 5

It seems Grand Theft Auto 6 may be playable in VR, or will at least feature some kind of virtual reality component. Of course, Rockstar has yet to confirm that, but fans of the sprawling open world sandbox game have deduced this from a job opening posted online when Australian game developer Video Games Deluxe announced that it’ll be looking to hire talent for a triple-A open world virtual reality project.

Given how Video Games Deluxe made the L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files add-on for GTA developer Rockstar Games, and has assisted the studio on numerous other projects in the past, the gaming community thinks this may have something to do with GTA 6. And they may be right.

GTA 6 will follow up 2013’s GTA V as the next entry into what may well be the most notorious video game franchise in all of existence. While each installment is set in a different location and follows a different cast of characters, there are several commonalities: each game, for instance, sports a story about crime and allows players to pretty much do anything and everything they want.

And we do mean anything and everything. Whether that’s stealing cars, robbing banks or hijacking airplanes, players have seen it all. Though it came out close to a decade ago, GTA V still continues to be played by millions of gamers around the world. Adding in new online multiplayer features every month or so, Rockstar is trying their hardest to keep fans entertained – an enterprise which has proven to be very lucrative for them.

Although Video Games Deluxe didn’t reveal any further details in their job posting, they did mention that the positions are connected to a “groundbreaking project.” And if Grand Theft Auto 6, which will have to outperform one of the most beloved games ever made, isn’t groundbreaking enough, then we don’t know what is.