Grand Theft Auto Online Player Created Jobs Now Verified By Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Online is populated by thousands of gamers devoting their digital lives to the almighty dollar. With its troubled launch now in the past, players are finally able to experience the best that Los Santos has to offer as Rockstar is now delivering on their promise by handing out their seal of approval to a few creative individuals.

What does it mean for Jobs that are selected for the spotlight? Well, any Rockstar Verified Job is hand-picked, tested and labeled by Rockstar elite in order to stand out from the dozens of other jobs that get lost in the shuffle. This is crucial for fans craving the attention because each Job is made available for play across both platforms, so gamers on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be able to blast through the glory of user generated content.

Rockstar has picked a total of ten Jobs that players will be able to try out. Stepping into a deathmatch like “Bridge of Death,” by Junestar255, will have you facing off against your enemies on a barricaded bridge. On the other hand, voting to play a racing match of “Jump and Die,” by keatonw33, sends you on a range of extreme death defying jumps. If these two Jobs are a taste of what we can expect, then it appears likely that a wealth of player content will continue to find its way to the top.

Tell us, have you been spending quality time in Los Santos with content creator? Let us know if you think Rockstar has created something worthwhile for the Grand Theft Auto Online community in the comments below.