Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas May Be On Its Way To Xbox 360


It’s almost been a decade since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released and the four corners of the gaming community were riding around the desert on horses with no names, but according to a leaked Achievement list published by Xbox Achievements, Rockstar may be planning to re-release the seminal open-world title to mark its ten-year anniversary.

In fact, eagle-eyed users have noticed that the existing version has been pulled from the Xbox Originals section of Microsoft’s digital store, which lends credence to this rumour being accurate.

Originally released for PlayStation 2 on October 26th, 2004, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — which is, to this day, the system’s highest-selling game with over 17 million sales — ripped up a storm upon launch and is widely considered to be one of the best entries into Rockstar’s monumental franchise.

Since then, San Andreas has cropped up on a plethora of different mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and even tablet devices. So, a timely port to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 replete with Achievements and Trophies is certainly not out of the question.

Besides, given that Rockstar revamped the title for a re-release on iOS — which included enhanced draw distance, refined character models and even support for cloud saves — the studio would be leaving a considerable amount of money on the table if they didn’t capitalize on the tenth anniversary of a true PS2 classic.

In other GTA-related news, the most-recent iteration into the satirical series, Grand Theft Auto V, is due to arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18th — with a PC release scheduled for the early stages of 2015.

At this stage, Rockstar is yet to announce anything official, but given the fact that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas‘ anniversary is this Sunday, we may hear word of a re-release sooner rather than later.