[Update] Grand Theft Auto V Will Have Three Main Protagonists

Game Informer revealed their Grand Theft Auto V December cover image today, and with it the news that the game will feature three main protagonists.

Exactly who the three protagonists are is not yet known, however, the trio featured on the magazine’s cover have all been seen before in different promotional artwork and in the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer. During that trailer the protagonists are shown both individually at different points and together as they start a bank heist (around the 45 second mark).

The December issue of Game Informer starts shipping next week, and the digital version is due out later today. We will keep an eye out for more Grand Theft Auto V details and report back as they come in.

[Update] The three protagonists are (from left to right on the GI cover artwork) Trevor, Franklin and Michael. Each has their own story, motivations, personality, and skills. Players will be able to switch between them at will, however, the characters will “go about their daily business” when you are not playing as them. So, don’t expect them to remain in the last place you left them.

Source: Game Informer, NeoGAF