Grand Theft Auto V Owners Who Upgrade To Current-Gen Versions Will Receive Bonus Content

grand theft auto v upgrade

Rockstar Games revealed today that Grand Theft Auto V owners who choose to upgrade to the current-gen version of the title when it is released next month will be entitled to a variety of new additions, which run the gamut from additional missions and events to classic vehicles and experimental weapons.

The full list of additional content can be found below:

  • New Events & Rewards – Players will be able to come across a handful of new events happening all over the world. Completion of these new events will unlock exclusive vehicles such as the Imponte Duke O’Death and the fan favorite Dodo seaplane.
  • Murder Mystery – While playing as Michael, players will be tasked with solving a gruesome murder. Upon solving the mystery, the ability to play the game through a Noir Style Filter will be unlocked.
  • New Weapons – Two new weapons of vastly different power will be included with the upgrade. The first is the Rail Gun, which is an experimental weapon that features explosive rounds. The other is the Hatchet, which can be used to brutally hack and slash opponents.
  • Wildlife Photography Challenge – Since we last left Los Santos and Blaine County, several new species of animals have been discovered. The Los Santos Tourist Board tasks Franklin with documenting and cataloging these creatures. Completion of this task will unlock the Kraken Sub.
  • Stock Car Races – Your standard stock car racing action. Completing all of these unique races will unlock a series of new muscle cars that are branded with logos from the companies that built America.
  • Monkey Mosaics – A mystertious street artist has been tagging the walls of Los Santos with monkey-styled silhouettes. Seek out and photograph all of these unqiue pieces of art in order to unlock new monkey outfits and the Go Go Monkey Blista.
  • New Vehicles – Several shiny new vehicles will be open for players to use, including the Cheval Marshall monster truck and the Xero Gas Blimp.

On top of all this, Rockstar says that there will be a “bounty of content” for new and returning players to discover, which will include classic GTA vehicles, as well as a few more surprises the company isn’t ready to talk about yet.

Grand Theft Auto V will launch on November 18 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with the PC version following in January 2015.