What’s This? Four More Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Released

After months of almost complete silence, Rockstar Games cracked the Grand Theft Auto V asset vault wide open today with the release of the third set of screenshots this week.

Today’s asset dump contains four all-new screenshots, labeled “Business”, revealing; a plane, a car, a helicopter, and a river. Don’t get confused, these are far different images than prior Grand Theft Auto V screenshot dumps that also revealed; a plane, a car, a helicopter, and a river.

To be fair, there are some new things to see in this set of screenshots. Most of them contain a police chase of some sort, and there is even one that appears to have the guy from Team Fortress 2 running down the street.

Sadly, Rockstar still has yet to announce any of GTA V‘s important information, like when it will launch or what platforms it will be released on. Once they do, if they do, we will let you know.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy this latest batch of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots in the gallery below.

Source: Rockstar