Grand Theft Auto V Will Get Online Heists After First Update For PS4 And Xbox One

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

After months of waiting, it finally looks as though multiplayer heists are on their way to the online component of Grand Theft Auto V.

According to a post on Rockstar’s website, the co-operative mode will make its debut in the first update for the game following the release of the numerical sequel on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — GTA V hits those current-gen consoles on November 18th.

Here’s what the studio had to share on the topic of multiplayer heists.

“We know you’re all excited for more Updates to come and we’ve got some really exciting stuff in the works to continue adding to, expanding and evolving the world of Grand Theft Auto Online – including the highly anticipated launch of Online Heists which will be available for all four consoles as the first GTA Online Update to happen after the game launches on PS4 and Xbox One,” said Rockstar. “We’ll have some details on that very soon as well.”

Elsewhere in the post, Rockstar also outlined some of the monumental achievements that Grand Theft Auto V has surpassed since it first launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 more than a year ago. Since then, the title has welcomed more than 33.8 million players into Grand Theft Auto Online, which pegs the number of copies sold within the same ballpark. As such, it should come as no surprise that the studio’s critically-adorned sequel ranked as the best-selling game of 2013 in the United States.

Grand Theft Auto V is due to arrive for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18th, before launching for PC and the eager modding community in January, 2015. Until then, you can check out Rockstar’s infographics in the gallery below, which trumpet the incredible amount of player engagement within the studio’s magnum opus.

Source: Rockstar