GTA Online Is Giving Away A Free $2 Million To All Players

Grand Theft Auto 5

As it turns out, being the kingpin of a criminal empire isn’t so easy.

Sure, once you’ve secured the necessary foot soldiers, real estate and buyer networks, the money (presumably, of course, I’m a somewhat upstanding member of society) comes flooding in, but until then, it’s up to you, and you alone, to get get the ball rolling. And that’s exactly what you’ll have to do in the earliest hours of GTA Online: complete odd jobs for small cash payouts until uncle Lester sees fit to invite you along for the biggest of all scores, heists.

Alternatively, however, you could log into Grand Theft Auto V‘s massively popular multiplayer mode between now and February 13th and bypass all of that monotonous legwork. Thanks to the unprecedented success of both GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2‘s similar offering, any player, new or veteran, can boot up their copy of either game to reap a number of fantastic rewards. For those loyal to the former, a total cash reward of GTA$ 2 million will be distributed to your Maze Bank account within 72 hours of playing, with the first promotional period due to end today, February 5th. From there, you can log in again from tomorrow until the event’s end date to receive a further 1 million. Neat.

It’s worth noting, of course, that the figure, while at first glance impressive, will only stretch so far. For those just getting to grips with GTA Online‘s economy, our best advice would be to reinvest the dough into getting a vehicle warehouse up and running. Doing so will grant access to vehicle acquisition missions which, when stored, can be sold on for impressive profits. In the case of seasoned players who already have Los Santos in their back pocket, you can put the green towards one of GTA Online‘s many outlandishly priced luxury vehicles. Enjoy!

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