Gundam Geeks Unite!

Great news for all those hardcore Gundam fans, Namco Bandai has done it again with one of it’s greatest flagship titles, SD Gundam G Generation, this particular title sporting World at the end. G Generation World plans to showcase over fifty Gundam series, ranging from the original to the newer and widely popular Gundam 00 and beyond. With this many different series, I would say there is definitely something for fans of all flavors. Furthermore, I’m eager to get my hands on this particular game, as G Generation Wars just left us eager for much, much more.

For those who don’t know(which is probably most of you) the game itself is a Turn Based Strategy similar to games like Front Mission, you battle through the many Gundam series collecting more pilots and stronger “Mobile Suits” throughout the game. You can upgrade your units,buy and sell them, or combine them to make them stronger . The premise should make it amusing for fans of the genre, and not just fans of Gundam itself, as the series gets far too little credit.

Early screen shots show us that the newest Gundam series, Unicorn, will be featured in the game. This has me wondering, what can they really do with it when only two episodes have been released? Hopefully we won’t be walking into a spoiler fest. Besides Unicorn, all the widely known series will be included, as well as a couple of underground sleepers. It seems to me that fifty series is a tall order to fill in one game and I’d like to see how they’ve done it. With over twenty mobiles suits per series and over fifty series… well… let’s just say there will be no shortage of cool new units to get your hands on.

At this point in time, the release date is set for February 24, 2011. Not very far away at all, however, fans of the series also know, be prepared to pay import fees. The franchise rarely sees shelves outside of japan and this title will more than likely follow suit. So start saving your Christmas money, because I can already imagine prices at seventy or higher.