Halo 4 Class Specializations Revealed


Halo 4 is looking to have the deepest multiplayer of the entire series and to ensure us of that, 343 Industries posted an update on Halo Waypoint yesterday revealing the newest motivation towards reaching the level cap: class specializations.

In other multiplayer-focused games, one would reach the level cap and have no real reward for it. 343 is hoping to change that. Once players reach the level cap of 50, they’ll be allowed to pick a specialization. Depending on which specialization they choose, they’ll have access to all new skill trees, special skills, custom gear and weapons, etc. Each specialization will have ten levels of their own before players are allowed to specialize further with other classes.

The classes break down as follows:

  • Wetwork – Stealth focused
  • Pioneer – XP boost
  • Engineer – Predict what weapons and gear are being provided in ordinance drops
  • Tracker – Skills allow players to pick new ordinance sets, otherwise random
  • Rogue – Increases accuracy and decreases flinching when being attacked
  • Stalker –  Increased tracking for former attackers on your HUD
  • Pathfinder – Allows for quicker cooldown with vehicle weapons
  • Operator – Vehicles are more durable

The first two mentioned, Wetwork and Pioneer, will be available to all players when the game launches this November, with the others unlocking “as the community progresses.” Although, all the classes will be available to those who pick up the Limited Edition. 343 reminds players that, although a class may be “available” to you, you still have to reach a respective level cap in order to go into that specialization.

It’ll be interesting to see the rest of this play into the multiplayer. More factors into the matches usually means things are a bit more unpredictable, which means a potentially more even playing field, so I’m excited.

Cautious, but excited.

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