Halo: Combat Evolved Remake Coming November 15?

According to Joystiq, the rumors surrounding a potential remake of one of gaming’s most popular releases (Halo: Combat Evolved) could actually be true. Sources close to them say that the game will launch this holiday season, with new visuals that will utilize the power of something other than the Reach engine. It is expected that the music will stay the same, though new control schemes will be available so that gamers can customize them to fit their playing style. Though no official confirmation has been released, reports say that the game will be revamped to allow for online co-op, as well as the capability to run at 1080p using 3D TV technology.

The information given points to New Jersey-based Sabre Interactive being the ones who are working on this remake under the watchful eye of 343 Industries, who took over the Halo franchise from Bungie. The studio formerly worked on TimeShift and is also currently working on Inversion for Namco.

It is rumored that the remake of the incredibly popular sci-fi first-person shooter will release on November 15, 2011 for the XBOX 360, ten years to the day from when the original version of the game hit store shelves for the original XBOX.