Heavy Metallers Iron Maiden Are Making Their Own Mobile Game



Have you ever thought to yourself “man, I’d love to play a video game based on heavy metal band Iron Maiden?” Of course you haven’t, mainly because nobody would ever think such a thing would ever happen. Except it has, and you’ll be able to play such a thing as early as this Summer.

Called Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast, the band have described the title as an “action-packed” RPG that’ll put players in the role of Eddie – the band’s mascot – on his adventure that involves battling characters from past album covers released by the band.

Releasing for both Android and iOS, Legacy Of The Beast is reportedly being developed in collaboration with the band’s management and Roadhouse Interactive of Red Bull Air Race The Game fame.

Speaking about the announcement, Iron Maiden’s bassist Steve Harris said the following:

We always thought Maiden’s music and imagery with Eddie could be perfect for gaming and it’s something we have been looking at doing again since Ed Hunter in 1999. Now in 2016 it can all be done on a smartphone which makes it even more accessible for all our fans and also all the gamers out there.

If you’re a fan of music-based games, Legacy Of The Beast is undoubtedly going to recall memories of Brütal Legend, which featured the voice of Jack Black in the role of Eddie Riggs as he found himself in a world populated by rock and metal iconography.

There’s no solid release date for Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast just yet, but we’ll leave you with this awesome promotional poster as a treat for your eyes.


Source: VideoGamer

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