Here Are The Best Indie Games On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch might be the best platform around when it comes to indie games. The eshop is loaded to the brim with amazing games, many of which benefit from the handheld form factor. The only downside is how hard it is to navigate the eshop, so here is a helpful list of the 10 best indie games on Switch for you to enjoy. 


It’s impressive to see what a stunning undertaking of a game Unsighted is. This action RPG takes lessons from the best games in the industry, like Nier Automata, and makes something new and special with what they borrowed. This game is both emotional and hard to beat but always a good time. It’s a game where your heart will break as characters begin to have their systems fade and they begin to lose themselves. You can only save so many people and what you save them with is also something you can use to help yourself. It’s a struggle with a lot of hard choices and some beautiful endings that range from heart-destroying to happy and hopeful. It’s truly a special game.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark 

This game captures the spirit of Final Fantasy Advance and improves upon that school of tactical RPG design. You take a party of characters, some of whom are written into the plot and others who are made using classes, sprites, portraits, and make an original character in your band of heroes. It’s a really nice addition that you are given so many options to make those characters feel like they are yours, and while it isn’t perfect, it is at the very least an improvement upon what you can do in basically any other RPG of this ilk.


In a world full of ridiculously hard games, Celeste still stands up as a game that is hard with artistic purpose. As you struggle up the mountain, the struggle itself can become a comfort and it’s amazing how they released a lot of additional content to allow people who want to keep jumping in more to do, as if to say that it was okay to enjoy that struggle as well if it’s what helps you. The game lets you lower the bar to entry basically as much as you like, which only adds to the point of the game in that it’s okay to ask for help. Its amazing art style, accessibility, fantastic soundtrack, and great storytelling make this game a piece of art that could only exist as a video game, and that alone makes it worth playing.

Monster Prom: XXL 

This game is hilarious and its characters are memorable. It puts a totally new spin on the dating sim genre and offers the option of becoming a competitive multiplayer game. The theme of a bunch of messed-up monsters screwing around and being all-around bad people (while not being the worst) is an impressive line to walk, making you want to date these characters despite their downright evil traits.

Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet

When it comes to fun and cute visual novels, creator Nami is in a league of their own. This game is a masterpiece with the most adorable characters and art style. There is a fun sense of humor that can play well to a lot of audiences and isn’t punching down. The game blends romance, comedy, and general fun storytelling, making it a perfect piece of candy that everyone should treat themselves to.

Stardew Valley

In the world of farming simulators, Stardew Valley still stands out as possibly the best in the whole industry. The game is pretty simple: make relationships with people in town, run a farm, fight some monsters if you want in a dungeon that’s totally optional. The game still gets updated to this day, five years after its original release. It’s a cozy game that anyone can just sit down and play their own way. It’s amazing how the game manages to serve so many different kinds of ways to engage it while not compromising on other features. You can enjoy it as a dating sim, a farming sim, a dungeon crawler, or a hybrid without screwing up the other ways it works.


This is such a soft and cute little indie game. Ikenfell has a unique feeling to it that doesn’t exactly play like any other RPG. The game’s approach to accessibility is an exciting leap forward in RPGs, giving players the ability to skip battles without penalty and detailed content warnings which you can opt out of. This paired with the charming queer cast of the game gives it a feeling of showing the direction that games can move in. The music is great, there are fun jokes along the way, there are plenty of party members to use your own favorites, and overall it’s got everything you need, and then some.

Sayonara Wild Hearts 

From the moment you boot up this game, it’s like you’re transported into a beautiful interactive music album.  Sayonara Wild Hearts is a short but truly special piece of art pulled together by amazing music and visuals that are utterly captivating. It’s a game with great flow and fantastic check-pointing, which avoids the major struggle with a lot of other rhythm games where you need to replay the same song over and over if you’re struggling. Instead you are brought back mere moments to where you were in the song to keep trying. That paired with the fact that every song is a true-to-life bop makes this game a genuinely enjoyable experience.


Metroidvanias are incredibly common in the indie market, but Timespinner is a perfectly executed one. There isn’t a metroidvania with characters more memorable than this indie classic. This game’s multiple endings all make sense and have merit and none of them feel like they were a total waste of time to create. Lunias is a wonderful protagonist with a great design and incredibly fun to control. Nelisste is the most compelling shopkeeper in the game and it really shows how well the quest system adds to the experience. Beyond that, this game also touches on polyamory, queerness, and transness, which are all rare topics in gaming even in the indie game sphere, which makes this game special in that way as well.


This game is a cultural phenomenon and whenever a new chapter drops, it’s what everyone is playing. It’s shockingly impressive that these games are as big as any AAA release in the gaming world. Deltarune has taken everything good about Undertale and improved upon it, especially in the recently released episode 2. While this game isn’t fully done, the two episodes released are full-game experiences with solid beginnings, middles, and ends. This game is consistently funny, the gameplay is solid and unique, and it presents new challenges and even punches out inspired gameplay in the middle of the RPG and puzzles. It’s a fantastic experience and an indie game well worth enjoying.