Here’s How To Max Out Your Inventory In Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

One of the signature motifs of classic survival horror is painstakingly managing your inventory filled with various items. 2019’s incredible Resident Evil 2 remake is thankfully no different and sticks closely to this time-honoured formula. The best thing, however, is that your inventory space within the game isn’t static and can actually be upgraded with Hip Pouch items, which can be found scattered around the environments of Raccoon City.

In all, there are six Hip Pouch upgrades to be discovered. Each one will increase your storage by two slots, which means finding them all will upgrade your storage space by 12 additional slots. Frankly, this is a pretty big deal, as being over-encumbered and unable to pick up that shiny green or blue herb can be a matter of life or death, particularly in the latter half of the campaign. So, where are the exact locations of these super handy Hip Pouch items? Well, let us tell you.

Hip Pouch Location 1 – West Storage Room

The first Hip Pouch can be found in the Police Station’s West Storage Room (3F) near the cell where you pick up the Maiden Medallion.

Hip Pouch Location 2 – Safety Deposit Room

The second Hip Pouch can be found in locker 203 in the Safety Deposit Room. You’ll need to find both of the spare keys from the portable safes to get into the locker, though.  One portable safe’s in the Shower Room (2F) and the other portable safe’s in the Linen Room (2F).

Hip Pouch Location 3 – Operations Room

The third Hip Pouch is in the Police Station’s Operations Room (1F). It can be found in the safe in the private office. The combination is Left 9, Right 15 and Left 7.

Hip Pouch Location 4 – Operator’s Room

The next can be found in the Underground Facility in the Operator’s Room. Right by the typewriter, there’s a locker and inside it you’ll find the fourth Hip Pouch.

Hip Pouch Location 5 – Workroom

The next Hip Pouch can be found in the Upper part of the Sewers in the Workroom. You’ll need the T-Bar Handle for the Upper Waterway. This gives you access to the Workroom Lift which takes you up to the Workroom. On the table, you’ll find the fifth Hip Pouch.

Hip Pouch Location 6 – Nap Room

The final Hip Pouch can be found in the early part of the NEST Laboratory. Specifically, it’s in the Laboratory’s Nap Room. It can be found once the Signal Modulator has been used to turn on the power.

In other Resident Evil-related news, Capcom’s recently announced that three classic games from the series are coming in May for Nintendo Switch. Praise the zombified gods indeed!