How To Unlock The Treasure Hunter Trophy/Achievement In Resident Evil 2


If there’s one trophy/achievement that you should look out for on your first – or latest – run-through of Resident Evil 2, it’s got to be Treasure Hunter, as it’s not only pretty easy to unlock, but nets you some handy loot as well. So, to save you from getting lost in the zombie-infested nooks and crannies of Raccoon City, we’ve put together a guide of how to unlock Treasure Hunter for all you trophy hunters out there.

First, you’ll need to have at least reached the Sewers beneath the Raccoon City Police Department (the second proper locale of the game) to access this shiny piece of virtual silverware. Once you’ve found the T-Bar Valve Handle, go to the Workroom Lift on the bottom floor. Use the T-Bar Valve Handle to open the locked door there. Head on through and take the lift to the upper floor.

Exit the lift and grab the film roll that’s on the table. In your inventory, you should be able to see the words ‘Hiding Place’ scribbled alongside the undeveloped roll of film. From here, you’ll have to make your way back to the Raccoon City Police Department in order to find the dark room where you can develop the roll.

Once developed, two photos will be revealed to you. Both images will be the locations of some hidden collectibles for you to find. For now, the bottom photo is closer to the dark room and is the one that’s the easiest to find first. So, make your way to the Press Room on the first floor of the RCPD. On the table in the corner, you’ll find a stereo, just like in the photo. In the drawer, you’ll find either needle cartridges for Claire, or chemical flamethrower fuel for Leon.

Next, you’ll have to head towards the S.T.A.R.S Office which is on the west side of the second floor within the RCPD. Once you’ve arrived, enter the private office and open the bottom drawer of the desk to find a wooden box. Once you examine the box in your inventory, it can be opened to reveal the second collectible. This is either an extended magazine for Claire’s SMG, or a red dot sight for Leon’s lightning hawk magnum depending on which character you’re currently playing as. Shortly after picking up the second collectible, the trophy/achievement should unlock.

With that ticked off your Resident Evil 2 to-do list, you may want to find out how to unlock infinite weapons or discover how to attain that ever elusive S+ ranking. Either way, don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered on both those fronts, too.