Here’s How To Find And Upgrade The Flamethrower In Resident Evil 2


Whether you’re trying to speedrun your way through Resident Evil 2 in an attempt to get that elusive S+ ranking, or you’re carefully checking every nook and cranny to find those handy Hip Pouches upgrades, there’s one thing you can always be sure about: finding a brand new weapon in the zombie-infested Raccoon City is like finding water in the bloody desert. Thankfully, there are a plethora of new guns to locate in Capcom’s latest survival horror title, and one of the most effective weapons in the game is arguably the Chemical Flamethrower. But how do you find this shiny, powerful armament?

Firstly, players should be aware that the Chemical Flamethrower is only available during Leon’s scenarios and is unfortunately not accessible if you’re playing as Claire. On the other hand, Claire does have access to the Spark Shot in her campaign, which is another pretty badass weapon that fires electrical bolts at her enemies. For now, though, let’s focus on finding the former.

Once players navigate their way through the Sewers area (the second locale in the game), there’s a middle platform between the treatment room and the cable car where a red handled tool can be located. Take this item and make your way back to the lower waterway section. This newly obtained tool can now open the blue hatch at the bottom of the stairs.

In the bottom waterway area, climb down the ladder and be prepared for some G-Adult enemies. You can either fight or run past them, just try and keep to the left if possible. Next, go up a small slope, jump down under a sewer pipe when prompted and then keep moving all the way back to the room. Soon, players will come across a door with a red light above it.

Climb the ledge, go through the door and head up the stairs to find the Supplies Storage Room. This is the room that features a puzzle involving chess piece plugs. Take the Queen Plug from the left side panel at the bottom of the stairs, and insert it into the electrical socket in the new area that’s just opened up.

Finally, head back up the staircase to find the King Plug at the top. Grab it and jump down to the new area that opens up in the room. Be careful of any last remaining zombies though while going down the hallway to find the open King Plug socket. The storage room will now open up and you’ll have access to the Chemical Flamethrower. Time for some flame grilled zombies!

Much like many of the other weapons in the game, the Chemical Flamethrower can be upgraded. Unfortunately, though, it only has one potential upgrade, but it’s a powerful and very useful one to find. Dubbed the Regulator, this weapon enhancement causes the fuel in the Flamethrower’s tank to last for much longer. Handy, eh?

Resident Evil 2 flamethrower

To find it, you’ll need to make your way to Laboratory Nap Room within the NEST compound. From the reception, head through to the cafeteria where a ladder can be found leading to a vent. Head up, then turn right after going through the door once you’re out of the vent. Be wary of the zombies though waiting patiently for you in the Laboratory Nap Room. Once the rotters have been defeated, open up the lockers on the left to find the Regulator which you can use to upgrade your Chemical Flamethrower. Groovy!

With the new Regulator upgrade, fuel will last way longer and you’ll become pretty darn unstoppable. If you’re also in the mood to unlock infinite ammo for your weapons in Resident Evil 2, or if you want to know why some fans are irked about those three recently announced classic Resident Evil games coming to Switch, we’ve got you covered on those front as well. But in the meantime, tell us, what’s your favorite weapon in Capcom’s latest undead horrorshow? And have you found and upgraded the Chemical Flamethrower yet? Be sure to let us know in the usual place.

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