Here’s when you can play the ‘Halo Infinite’ campaign today

halo infinite

If you woke up early or stayed up late to be among the first to play Halo Infinite today, then you may be disappointed to find that you can’t yet access the game’s campaign mode. 

Last month, 343 surprised spartans with the early release of Infinite’s Multiplayer Beta on the 20th anniversary of the launch original Xbox and Halo: Combat Evolved. Now, as the game launches out of beta and releases its open-world campaign, gamers are anxiously waiting for the updates to go live.

Halo Infinite launches today, Dec. 8, at 10am PST. The full release will include the much-anticipated campaign mode, where players can suit up as Master Chief. In a tweet, Halo Support provided a graphic detailing the local times of the release across the globe, such as 1pm EST and 12pm CST.

In case you haven’t already pre-installed Halo Infinite and you’re concerned about space on your hard drive, we now know, thanks to Halo Support, the rough installation size for the game’s various configurations. 

Downloading the full game will take up about 48.42 GB of space, a surprisingly small download size for a AAA game in 2021. If you just want to play multiplayer, you’ll only need 26.53 GB of space on your drive.

If you’ve been playing the Multiplayer Beta and you want to download the campaign mode, that will take another 25.86 GB. If you just want to keep playing multiplayer, the update from the beta to full release will need 3.97 GB of space.

These numbers will vary slightly by platform according to Halo Support.

In case you don’t already know, Infinite records all of your multiplayer matches and stores the footage on its servers. This lets you go back and figure out an opponent’s winning strategy or get a video of that triple kill with an energy sword. But upon the full release, films made in Infinite’s theater mode during the Multiplayer Beta will become unavailable. It’s recommended by Halo Support that you record these with the Xbox’s capture tool or another video recorder ahead of the full releases. 

That’s not all for Halo news this week. Yesterday a teaser for next year’s live-action Halo series was released. A full trailer is expected at tomorrow’s Game Awards.