Hitman: Absolution E3 Trailer

After the reveal of Hitman: Absolution a few weeks ago, we now get a new trailer coming to us from E3. It’s pure CG but it does look pretty badass. We see Agent 47 doing what he does best, which is killing people of course. In addition to the trailer, we also get five new screens which you can see below.

The game is said to be taking on a film noir flare and will also include a fully integrated cover system. Agent 47 will be more agile and easy to control this time around and the game will include Instinct Mode which will help casual gamers get through the game easier. Hitman: Absolution will also benefit from the new game engine, the Glacier 2 which will allow the characters to “act as believable as possible.”

I’ve always enjoyed the Hitman games. They get a bit repetitive at times but the concept is neat and they’re generally fun. It’s been a while since we’ve had a new title from the series and Hitman: Absolution is shaping up pretty nicely. Check out the trailer and screens below and determine for yourself what you think of Agent 47’s latest outing.