Hitman’s Elusive Target #20 Is Now Live On All Platforms, It’s Time To Head Back To Bangkok


Hitman‘s 20th Elusive Target is now live on all platforms, IO Interactive has announced. The Warlord, as she’s so called, will be milling about Bangkok for the next seven days, affording Agent 47’s handlers the chance to sneak in and take her out during the period. As usual, there’s a strict set of rules in place for the mission, including a one-time chance to get the job done successfully and without incident. Failure to take out the mark – either by death or by being caught – will result in you being locked out of attempting the mission again, so make sure you’re prepared.

If you’ve been staying on top of IO’s constant stream of time-limited targets since day one, emerging victorious from this latest mission will count towards progress for unlocking the Winter Suit for Agent 47. For a rundown of all the suave cosmetics unlockable through the mode, see the image below.


If you’ve missed a handful of previous targets, not to worry – IO says that you’ll have more chances to earn the bonus costumes with future Elusive marks, but they won’t continue indefinitely – it wants to make them a prestigious symbol for dedicated players to show off. Fortunately, if you’ve a bad habit of forgetting about these sorts of things, you can download the Hitman Companion app for free, which will notify you the second any new content goes live.

IO Interactive has yet to officially announce a follow-up to Hitman‘s first season, but it was confirmed to be in existence at last year’s Paris Games Week, although probably in a very early stage of development. In related news, a physical release of Hitman‘s entire first season was released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC last month. You can find our review here.

Source: Hitman.com