Don’t Hold Your Breath For Fallout 4 On PS3 And Xbox 360; Ardent Fans Pinpoint Location Of Vault 111


Barely a week has passed since the stunning three-minute reveal for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 and already the Internet has picked apart the trailer to within an inch of its life. But one passionate group of fans have taken that analysis one step further to pinpoint the location of Vault 111.

Using good old-fashioned triangulation and orienteering, the YouTube channel known as The Pre-War Hub has deemed the subterranean safe haven to be situated at Whitney Hill Park in Watertown. Not only is it a remarkable achievement in and of itself, but it also highlights the stunning degree of authenticity that Bethesda is striving for in its recreation of Massachusetts. Over on the channel’s Imgur page, there’s a shot-by-shot breakdown that charts the entire trailer and each location alongside its real-life counterparts.

Perhaps more so than anything else, this astute rundown underlines the scale and scope of Fallout 4; a scope, according to Bethesda, that simply couldn’t bend to the technical limitations of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In a NeoGaf thread, the studio’s Global Community Manager Matt Grandstaff effectively ruled out any shred of hope that the sequel would be ported over to last-gen hardware.

“It is not coming to 360 and PS3, the stuff we’re doing will never work there.”

This aligns with all of the marketing release for the open-world RPG thus far, with Bethesda slating the fourth numerical entry in the franchise for a release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. No word yet on a specific release date, mind you, but all signs appear to indicate that the game will be ready in time for 2015.

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Source: NeoGaf