5 Games That Fallout 4 Should Borrow From


Finally, after years of speculating, pondering and (im)patiently waiting, Fallout 4 has been announced by Bethesda.

The announcement was precluded by a mysterious – if easy to decipher – countdown that lasted just twenty-four hours from the moment it appeared online. Once that countdown reached its final second, it was instantly replaced by the first official trailer for this hotly anticipated next-gen sequel. The trailer and its following screens (seen below) finally gave the series’ fans something real, something tangible to further stoke the fires of their excitement.

More importantly than this, however, is that the trailer has given the game’s fans some actual game engine footage to pore over and dissect; aiming to uncover every nugget of information that may be hidden within. While such deconstructions of Fallout 4’s early footage will undoubtedly be rife and autopsies of it will seek to confirm what this game will do, we thought it would be worth looking outside the box at what it could do.

So, we’ve taken a look at the current crop of next generation games to see what interesting new features could be adapted to improve upon Bethesda’s iconic series. Each one would add a few refreshing offerings to the game’s formula, but without ever being unfamiliar enough to jar against the style.

Take a look at our suggestions and help us ponder what exciting additions Bethesda might be about to bring to the Fallout series!