5 Things We’d Like To See In Fallout 4


How does a game with such an unbearably grim setting manage to be quite so captivating? Just check out the first trailer for Fallout 4 above, as it aptly demonstrates how this Bethesda series has managed to glue a global audiences’ eyes to TV screens ever since the release of the first installment (which ran through MS-DOS) back in 1997.

Almost twenty years later, the post-apocalyptic open-world game has managed to generate an astounding amount of buzz amid the gaming community, with fans all over the world salivating at the prospect of another multifaceted, scrupulous dive into the grim, merciless world of a country ravaged by nuclear war.

At We Got This Covered, we’re just about as excited as anyone for the release of Fallout 4, and we’ve put our heads together to think up five things that we’d like to see in the new entry. The world premiere of the game is set to take place during the E3 Expo on June 14th, and only then might we be able to see if any of these additions are likely to come to fruition.