Homefront Sits On Top Of UK Charts

THQ were being very ambitious with Homefront considering how oversaturated the military FPS genre is at the moment (are developers taking themselves too seriously this generation?), and the bold and brave submission into the warzone is appearing to stand its ground rather well. At least in the UK this week, which might not mean very much considering it came out last week…hmm.

Even so the Korean-killing gritty beast that is Homefront has been clocking up rather impressive review scores (including our thumbs up), with a sharp and confident slice of multiplayer mayhem and a harrowing campaign that is more than a little bit uncomfortable in places.

It’s worth noting that Dragon Age 2 is happily chilling in second place, which is no surprise to be honest. Bioware’s latest has had regular folks suddenly wanting to seduce weird elf creatures into intimate RPG ‘bonding’ (is that weird?). Surprising to see Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood still clutching on in tenth place considering it launched way back in November, Ezio is a stubborn gent eh?

The full listing for the week ending on March 19th is as follows (all platforms):

01) Homefront – THQ
02) Dragon Age 2 – EA
03) Pokemon White – Nintendo
04) Shogun 2: Total War – Sega
05) Pokemon Black – Nintendo
06) Fight Night Champion – EA
07) Just Dance 2 – Ubisoft
08) FIFA 11 – EA Sports
09) Killzone 3 – Sony
10) Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Ubisoft

(Courtesy of UKIE)

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