Indie Horror Game Home Expands To PS4 And Vita


The standout PC horror experience Homewill be making its way to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita systems later this year.

In the gameplayers are awakened by an approaching storm in a dark and mysterious room that actually belongs to a stranger. The character then embarks on a journey to make his way back to his house, and escape the mysteries that await. What sets this campaign apart is that players experience subtle narrative changes as they progress through the story. This allows individuals to have their own unique experiences, making the game’s truths subjective.

Of course, this is the beauty of Home. It charms players into taking a journey that becomes uniquely their own through the seemingly minuscule choices that lurk around every corner, and there is significant room for personal theories and philosophies about the game to develop organically. In short, your experience with the title is personal and changes based on your individual personality.

Home has received numerous updates since it launched in 2012, so expect all of the extra content and features to be included when it arrives on the PlayStation platforms.

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