PSA: HTC Vive Now Available To Pre-Order, Launches April 5th


For the longest time, the gaming industry has been on the cusp of the new generation of virtual reality devices and now, we have firm details regarding the platform that’ll be hitting the market first – the HTC Vive.

Priced at $799 in the United States (£689 in the UK), pre-orders are now open for the hardware, with the base package arriving with the Vive itself, two controllers, the console’s laser tracking system, along with the bonus of three games: whimsical physics title Job Simulator, Fantastic Contraption, and novel 3D painting tool Tilt Brush. That first batch of systems are reportedly selling out fast, so if you are keen to place your money down to reserve one, now is the time to do so.

Now that the pre-orders are live and HTC Vive is little over a month out from launch, the company’s Cher Wang released a statement revealing that the team is “delighted to help usher in the next generation of virtual reality. Launching Vive with Valve has helped us ignite the creativity of thousands of content developers around the world.”

Taking full advantage of Valve’s PC platform Steam, head honcho Gabe Newell also weighed in on the collaboration between HTC and Valve.

“Our collaboration with HTC and the VR development community has allowed us to create the most compelling and complete VR solution. In the coming weeks, many of these developers will launch an incredible first generation of VR titles to consumers around the world.”

HTC Vive is available to pre-order from today, February 29, ahead of its planned launch on April 5.

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