Hyrule Warriors Adds Princess Ruto To Its Lengthy Roster


As it turns out, the Zoran Kingdom will be well represented within Hyrule Warriors, thanks to Koei Tecmo’s decision to make Princess Ruto a playable character. Her reveal marks the game’s eleventh (thus far), and adds to an already impressive list.

A water-loving creature like the rest of her kind, Ruto unsurprisingly uses the wonders of H20 to dispatch her enemies. As you watch her trailer, you’ll also notice that she’s a stickler for chained moves and likes to hop around the battlefield, causing splash effects to occur. Fish, bubbles and other watery imagery also happen to play a role within her visceral, blue-tinted move list.

Whether Princess Ruto ends up being one of Hyrule Warriors‘ better characters remains to be seen, but there’s no denying how effortlessly she moves, and how entertaining it is to watch her do so. We’ll find out come September 26, when the game hits North American retailers.